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3 Alasan Penting Anda Butuh Seragam

Uniform have elvoved to evoke much more meaning. There are the reasons why you need to customized uniform design for your staff. Seragam mempunyai banyak arti.

Build an identity (Membangun Identitas)
Whenever someone visits your place of business, their first exposure to your company or organisation is the premises itself, the quality of service they receive and of course your staff uniform. The appearance of your staff uniform plays a large role in creating that first and lasting impression, which can be either good or bad and plays a significant role in future interactions.

3 Alasan Penting Anda Butuh Seragam
Seragam Custom

Trust and Competence (Membangun Kepecayaan dan Kompetensi)

While your uniforms do first and foremost create that identity that all businesses, organisations and even schools, it’s equally as important to use your staff uniform to create trust, promote competence and project your business as one of great stature and experience.
3 Alasan Penting Anda Butuh Seragam

Personal Pride (Kebanggan Diri)
The benefits of having a staff uniform come not only in the external perspective it creates in the eyes of the public, but also internally in terms of the personal pride and commitment to the company it creates within your staff. Actually putting on a staff uniform that has the company logo, information and even their own name makes them feel a great sense of pride. They’re proud of themselves in terms of the job they do and proud of your company in the assistance it provides to the public. It’s this sense of pride that’s going to give them a feeling of comradery and unity as well as giving them an added incentive to go that extra mile and work as hard as they possibly can.

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